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Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accountants possess skills similar to investigators and detectives as well as accounting skills that allow them to quantify the value of a dispute in a lawsuit, marriage, partnership, trust, embezzlement, fraud, or business deal.  Forensic accounting services may be needed alongside an attorney in business or financial disputes, whether they reach the courtroom or can be settled earlier. 

Forensic accounting services may be needed by business owners, individuals, attorneys, and/or trusts in the following situations:

  • You suspect fraud in your business
  • You are purchasing or inheriting a business that does not contain a complete set of books
  • You are disputing a valuation of an asset you are purchasing
  • You are divorcing your partner and expect to receive a portion of their business or need help tracking hidden assets
  • You are a party to a business dispute

Hiring a forensic accountant can yield the following benefits:

  • Gain clarity on your numbers, including valuations
  • Provide valuable guidance during a lawsuit or business deal
  • Identify future areas of risk and recommend strengthening internal controls

Our Forensic Accounting Services

Some of the forensic accounting services that we can provide include:

  • Analysis of financial records for the purpose of discovering irregularities in the records
  • Litigation support including oral or written testimony and /or expert witness
  • Rapid response to fraud allegations to reduce further financial loss
  • Internal control review with recommendations to reduce risk and improve policies and procedures
  • Due diligence on business mergers and acquisitions
  • And more

Complimentary Consultation

Every situation is unique. If you feel you might need forensic accounting services, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll listen to your situation and work together to determine how we can help you reach your goals.